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Secure Connection Stay-Cool Body Cooling Neck Wrap (Cobber)

Stay-Cool Body Cooling Neck Wrap (Cobber)
Tan Plaid 
AUSTRALIAN MADE. Measures 36" x 2". Wear around your neck or head. Environmentally friendly. Non-toxic, reusable for years!

The Cobber is a Body Cooling Neck Wrap, originally designed to tackle the blistering Australian climate.

It has been successfully sold over the past ten years to aid against heat discomfort. We call it a Cobber because it's everybody's friend!

This unique product is based on the same principles as the great Coolgardie Safe and the Hessian Water Bag, both of which were used by Australians for many years prior to the introduction of the common refrigerator. These two products were the only means of keeping water and basic dairy foods cool through the hot summer climate.

The process was quite a simple one! The Coolgardie Safe was usually made into a wooden rectangular box shape with the front being made of a mesh type material. The front was then covered with a piece of hessian material that had been soaked in water. As the bag draped over the unit and the end lay in a pull out tray that was filled with water, the hessian absorbed the moisture and therefore remained wet. The air would flow through the material freely enabling everything to stay cool.

Our Body Cooling neck wraps are made of polyester & cotton and filled with polycrystals. By simply placing the neck wrap in clean water for approximately 30 minutes allowing the crystals to expand, produces an evaporative cooling system for the user when placed around the neck.
This Body Cooling neck wrap lowers the body temperature by cooling the carotid arteries of the neck. The material may become warm against the skin but by simply rotating the wrap, the cooling effect is rejuvenated immediately!

Body Cooling Neck Wraps are non-toxic ... Do not require refrigeration ... Stay Cool for up to 3 days ... are Environmentally friendly ... Can be used hot or cold ... Reduce heat exhaustion ... Reduce Headaches ... Promote relaxation ... Improve working productivity ... are Re-useable for many years ... Can be worn around neck or forehead ... and Rapidly lower body temperature.

Black (Solid) — Go To US $11.97
Tan Plaid US $11.97 6.97 (Sale - $5.00 OFF - Cobber Closeout!)

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Stay-Cool Body Cooling Neck Wrap (Cobber) Reviews

Richard Hickok from Tennessee on June 20, 2009:
Just a note to anyone who may be skeptical of the cobber. It works just like advertised...I received mine yesterday. I washed it out quickly, soaked it for about 15 minutes and smoothed out the gel evenly throughout the cobber several times during the soak time, put the cobber around my neck after removing excess water. I wore it all day then laid it down during the night and this morning it was ready to put back on and it's still cooling. While this thing is not an air conditioner it really helps to lower you body temp. and we are in the 90's here everyday now, yesterday was 95. I have a bad heart condition and the cobber helps me cope with the daily heat. The Australian's make excellent products; everything from the best sunscreen on the market "Blue Lizard" to the "Cobber".
Cathryn from New Jersey on September 04, 2008:
If you are a cyclist, this Cobber is the thing for you. It is a terrific way to keep your body temperature down. My Dad and Brother-in-law use them for golfing and say they are much better than wet towels. Great Gifts for anyone who enjoys summer activities.
Gina from Phoenix AZ on September 06, 2007:
I have never liked the heat and especially in
Phoenix and I also have MS which makes heat even harder to live with. I have been using the product for 5 or 6 years and LOVE it. I take one with me everywhere!
Marlene from Lewiston, Idaho on July 05, 2007:
I got a cobber neck wrap for my husband for Christmas. He's finally gotten the chance to use his neck wrap with the temperature here, hitting 100 plus. He said that it seemed to work really well and has kept him from getting headaches from the heat.
Mary from Midlothian, VA on July 28, 2003:
I am so satisfied with this product. I have a disorder that makes my body heat intolerant and I am now able to tolerate warm to hot weather much better. Many comments have been made to me when I wear the collar. I will definitely be purchasing more for myself and as gifts for others. The price is affordable also. Thank you. Mary