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Arnotts SHAPES

Arnotts SHAPES
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ORIGINAL  BBQ Flavoured Shapes (175g)  ORIGINAL PIZZA Flavoured Shapes (190g)  Chicken Crimpy Shapes (175g)  Savoury Shapes (185g)  ORIGINAL CHEESE & BACON Shapes (180g)  ORIGINAL CHEDDAR Shapes (175g)  NACHO CHEESE Shapes (160g) 
Now available ONLY at Aussie Food Express. Click the blue link below:
  • Arnott's SHAPES at
    • Shapes are Australia's favourite hunger-busting savoury snack with flavour you can see.

      Due to strong consumer demand, CHEDDAR, BBQ and PIZZA Shapes have been brought back in their Original flavours!

      Shapes were first baked in Victoria in the 1950s. Back then they were made to look like potato chips. As time went by, bakers      realized this wasn't the most efficient way to cut the dough, as there was too much wastage. So, in 1974 they redesigned the biscuits to fit more on to a sheet of dough and started making the Shapes you can buy today. These delicious snacks are baked not fried, and have no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

      Australians love their Shapes and munch their way through 44 million packs each year.


ORIGINAL BBQ Flavoured Shapes (175g) — Go To US $0.00
ORIGINAL PIZZA Flavoured Shapes (190g) — Go To US $0.00
Chicken Crimpy Shapes (175g) — Go To US $0.00
Savoury Shapes (185g) — Go To US $0.00
ORIGINAL CHEESE & BACON Shapes (180g) — Go To US $0.00
ORIGINAL CHEDDAR Shapes (175g) — Go To US $0.00
NACHO CHEESE Shapes (160g) — Go To US $0.00

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Arnotts SHAPES Reviews

Jenny from Bowie, Bowie, USA on February 21, 2015:
So glad my local post office told me about this site. I've used other sites but they are no where near as good. I really miss Savory Shapes (original), Twisties and Cadbury Peppermint Chocolate. You really can't get anything similar in the US. Of course the must have Vegemite fix each week! I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse that this site is so good, I keep putting in orders!
Bill on February 18, 2011:
We lived in Australia for 3 years and really fell in love with Shapes! I'm so happy to have found your web site and look forward to ordering.
Jan Lent from Boston on November 30, 2005:
Love everything I order from Simply Australian. Have ordered from other Aussie sites, but you are the best. Can't beat Aussie licorce, yum. Also, Vita Wheats (cracked pepper) are the best...nothing quite like v/wheat in the U.S. Ditto for Sao. How I wish we could get fresh passionfruit on the East Coast. Occasionally, see in the supermarket during US summer, but frightfully expensive. A hint for Aussies going home....I usually purchase about 40 passionfruit when visiting home and scoop out the pulp into plastic containers. Containers go into a smaller insulated bag for return trip. Haven't had a problem with US customs. Then freeze the pulp.
John from Sacramento, CA on March 28, 2005:
Vita-Weats are the best and most delicious way, I have found anywhere, to enjoy one's whole grains, without unwanted additives, . I pretty much crunch them instead of eating bread.